Hygiene proficiency certificate in Turku

I give tests for hygiene passport.

The tests can be scheduled for one day notice minimum.

These tests can be done also with a translator.

When taking tests, please take an ID with you.


5All prices includes 24% ALV
Test in english 45 €
Test translated into another languages 50 € (plus translator's or interpreter's fee)
More information about the test.


Telephone: 041 3153 710
Address: Raskinpolku 9 C 47, 20360 Turku
E-mail: hygieniakonsultti@gmail.com

Study material

Basic Facts of Food Hygiene, Repetitionbook (40 pages)
helps you to update your knowledge on food hygiene and
to study for the Finnish Hygiene Proficiency examination.
Layout and illustration are identical with the Finnish original Elintarvikehygienian perusteet.

ISBN 978-952-67397-5-5

The book should be available in the main library